Here’s my FB entry: I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of this, but Ted D’s was closing because of IMPENDING bad weather (what is UP with closing because it MIGHT snow?!). I put my face on the window and tapped and they opened back up for me!!

Here’s what I didn’t tell them that only you get to see because you care enough to read this.

I drove up, saw the exterior lights all off, screeched the car to a halt and put my emergency lights on. Oh yes I did.

I then ran up to the window, where some hapless soul was just standing, waiting for them to “notice” him (HA! Dude, it’s the city).

I was thinking to myself “Oh no they are NOT going to close early just 3 days before they close for the season, especially when they’ll for sure be closed tomorrow because we’ll have 2″ of snow on the ground and tomorrow is my only REAL excuse for going there (7 years no cigarettes).”

So I excused my butting ahead of hapless man, tapped on the window, and put my face on the window. Judy saw me, said to open up, and I graciously let the guy in front of me go first.

Then a couple came up: “No!! Are they closing?” I’m surprised I’ve never seen them before since they said they get depressed during the “closed” season (which lasts all of 3 weeks), implying they go there a lot. Anyway, being nice, Judy said she’d serve them too.

Not being totally selfish, I asked everyone to kneel down so people on the street wouldn’t see us and drive up (they have the wind break thing up so you can’t see the bottom 1/2 of someone).

Believe it or not a couple of them did kneel down. I mean come on, it’s the least we could do, right?

The hapless soul didn’t kneel down, but when he asked how come they opened up for me and I told him why (will let you fill in the blanks on that answer), he did pay me a compliment by saying “No way do you come here that often.”

God bless him. He’s hapless but not stupid I guess…

So hopefully the kind souls at TD’s are outta there by now, waiting for the weather event that might occur.