Before the other night I had my suspicions but I didn’t say anything. But the other night my sister and her husband brought this up out of the blue because (I bet) they thought they were the only ones who’d noticed this.

I STG this is true: Our dogs do ‘fake pees.’ We take them out, tell them to go to the bathroom, they do a quick squat, make the motion, only nothing comes out.

I’ve seen Fanny do this before and thought nobody would believe me if I said something, but since my sister and brother-in-law were the ones to bring it up about their dog I felt the shackles fall, and confirmed their sanity (at least on that matter).

Don’t you wish everyone was as accommodating and eager to please that they would actually ‘fake pee’ (or whatever you wanted – hopefully not fake pee) just to make you happy? Dang, I sure would love that…