Here’s my FB entry: I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed of this, but Ted D’s was closing because of IMPENDING bad weather (what is UP with closing because it MIGHT snow?!). I put my face on the window and tapped and they opened back up for me!!

Here’s what I didn’t tell them that only you get to see because you care enough to read this.

I drove up, saw the exterior lights all off, screeched the car to a halt and put my emergency lights on. Oh yes I did.

I then ran up to the window, where some hapless soul was just standing, waiting for them to “notice” him (HA! Dude, it’s the city).

I was thinking to myself “Oh no they are NOT going to close early just 3 days before they close for the season, especially when they’ll for sure be closed tomorrow because we’ll have 2″ of snow on the ground and tomorrow is my only REAL excuse for going there (7 years no cigarettes).”

So I excused my butting ahead of hapless man, tapped on the window, and put my face on the window. Judy saw me, said to open up, and I graciously let the guy in front of me go first.

Then a couple came up: “No!! Are they closing?” I’m surprised I’ve never seen them before since they said they get depressed during the “closed” season (which lasts all of 3 weeks), implying they go there a lot. Anyway, being nice, Judy said she’d serve them too.

Not being totally selfish, I asked everyone to kneel down so people on the street wouldn’t see us and drive up (they have the wind break thing up so you can’t see the bottom 1/2 of someone).

Believe it or not a couple of them did kneel down. I mean come on, it’s the least we could do, right?

The hapless soul didn’t kneel down, but when he asked how come they opened up for me and I told him why (will let you fill in the blanks on that answer), he did pay me a compliment by saying “No way do you come here that often.”

God bless him. He’s hapless but not stupid I guess…

So hopefully the kind souls at TD’s are outta there by now, waiting for the weather event that might occur.


–geek alert–

I podcast several broadcasts from NPR and PRI (and I’m a member of my local station and give to the “digitize Terry Gross Fresh Air” fund every year ( and “pay” with donations for what I podcast).

So in other words I actually paid for this information: I learned today, via one of the Fresh Air podcasts I burned to cd (cdcast?), that they make toupees (wigs??) for the crotch area. Did you know this?

They’re called merkins, and the dude she was interviewing got one because he had cancer. I did a quick search of the web and found an entry for it on Wikipedia too. They’re apparently also used in movies.

I love to learn…

That reminds me of something my sister also heard on NPR: if you eat asparagus and your urine smells afterwards it’s because you have a certain gene. Not everyone’s smells after they eat it.

Who knew? I was 45 before I found that out.

Of course, I guess if your urine doesn’t stink after you eat asparagus then you might not realize that it could even smell, not to mention that there’s a gene that could cause this.

Well, there is.  If you are special.

I never know how to phrase that: it’s not that you need to know any of this right now, it means that it’s about me right now…and I would like you to know, but not necessarily now, just whenever you get to this. OK, whatever — you get the point.

I’ve said it before What you need to know about me right now ; I’ll say it again: I would really welcome and appreciate suggestions for a better way to phrase that. I’ve put too much enough a lot time into thinking how to better phrase it.


  • Still keeping fiber intake high, but not with those icky Fiber One bars <see My moral dilemma at the grocery store > Now I’m trying more of those rip-off (though tasty) Kashi bars but this time it’s cherry and REAL chocolate, unlike Fiber One’s “chocolate chips with confectioner’s shellac…ethanol, shellac…” Now if seeing this doesn’t make you start reading labels better I don’t know what will (from Sometimes I’m grateful for government interference in our lives. You have to wonder if the 35% of your fiber needs is coming from one of those ingredients, don’t you?

  • Now listening to: Grateful Dead// It’s funny, I’m listening to the song, Sugar Magnolia, which takes me back to the cassette I made of the album. I used to visit my friend in northern Wisconsin in my teenage years, and made friends with this guy. We brought that tape out into his boat on the lake, and he accidentally pressed the “record” button. First you hear the music “she’s my daydream…sing sing…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” That last word was me realizing he’d pressed the wrong button. That was at least 25 years ago, but every time I hear that song I still “hear” the music stop in that one spot and me going “NOOOOOOOOOO,” only now the music doesn’t stop.

Same thing happens when I listen to digital versions of other albums or songs. I listen now and still remember exactly where the album would skip in particular songs. Which is creepy since I forget more important things. Guess that was part of the charm of the music in older media.

  • # time spent in garden this spring: a LOT (one reason I’m slacking on the blogging)
  • # of bags of mulch I have right now: 10
  • # additional bags I’ll need: probably 10
  • # of bags spread so far: 0
  • # of weeds in weed patch garden: unknown but incalculable anyway
  • Why it’s incalculable: Last fall I scattered several partially-filled baggies of seeds I’d gathered over the past few years, thinking not too many would sprout but hoping some would. I now know for sure that cleome seeds don’t spoil in the fridge after 3+ years…There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of seedlings out there. They’re just clumped together like one big weed. (Side note: how can I kill 3 peonies but the violet leaves (weeds) are as big as my hand?!)

  • # of Siberian Iris in bloom now: more than I’ve ever had. I took pix, but with my real camera. I’ll insert them here later maybe, but I’m happy ’cause they contrast really nicely with the variegated hostas, which are larger than the one here, but you get part of the idea at least.

<update 6/2: Here is a muted shot of the iris (more in back but not shown)>

  • Craziest thing I did today: buy a (full-sized) bag of Lay’s baked BBQ chips
  • 2nd craziest thing: not eating the whole bag in 1 day

Warning to ub: there is way TMI here (only implied)…Although if you look in the category list (“posted under…”)  prior to reading it also says “TMI” (like yesterday’s did too). Nevertheless, a special caution for you anyway…

Rule #1 of grocery shopping: Never shop when you’re hungry.
Rule #2 of grocery shopping: Think about rule #1 before you go to the store.

I broke both of those rules yesterday, and since I didn’t realize it until I got to the grocery store, not only was I craving every crappy, fatty, sugary product I’d usually ignore (trail mix?! ewww. Archway Molasses cookies mmmmmmmm) but I started getting that low – blood – sugar – must – eat – NOWWWWWWWWW sensation.

A couple of weeks ago I’d bought these Kashi – flax – pumpkin – wheat – sesame – edame – quinoa – whatever – seed – low – sugar – high – protein – high – fiber – breakfast bar kind of things that weren’t actually too bad but that were expensive.

This time I’d planned to look for something just as healthy but not as expensive, so when I was in the aisle I tried (for about 10 seconds) to find something low sugar, high fiber, cheaper.

But I had the tunnel vision that comes when you’re about to lose consciousness because you’ve broken both cardinal rules of grocery shopping.

So I saw “Caramel” on the box of Fiber One Bars (New!), I caved immediately. I didn’t see the “naturally flavored” part ’til later. I ripped into it and knew right away from the smell that it was fake caramel and it’d be nasty.

And it was nasty until my taste buds got used to the grossness and the dizziness went away.

Then I had the moral dilemma: These sucked. I knew they sucked. And (adding insult to injury) they weren’t any cheaper than the other ones.

Should I put the box down somewhere and walk away quickly, or did I have the moral obligation to buy them now that I had opened them?

Damn that conscience. I bought them because I felt like I “had to” and I “should” and all that.

Damn my cheapness even more, though, because I couldn’t just throw them away after I’d bought them, even though I didn’t like them.

No, in fact I’ve actually eaten 2 of them today. They didn’t taste any better than they did yesterday, but they filled me up.

Oh no: really damn. While I was writing this I looked at the box to catch the name of the product, when I saw (in large red print): provides 35% of daily value of fiber!!! I’ve had 3 of them in the last 24 hours. And Grape Nuts. And fruit.

Guess we all know what that means…it might be a rough* coupla days. Thank god I work from home tomorrow.

*Oh I just made a pun—get it?! —rough?

Bonus: Today I’ve found 2 things I didn’t know I wanted needed until I saw them.

Here’s the second item, from another good site,

It looks like a gun but look again (or click here)


The fart clock <link to previous post> is still #1 but this would be good if I used condiments…

OTOH, it’d be fun to get a bunch of them and have a condiment-spraying bash outside…

You could fill them with the usual ketchup and mustard, and if you felt daring (and kind of disgusting) you could try mayonnaise. Or maybe hummus. Or pesto (“PAYSTO”). Or even buttermilk.

I don’t know why some people think I’m weird. I just think outside the box…

Just as an FYI (so you don’t have to learn the hard way):

Chocolate chip cookie dough, even if you use no-trans-fatty-acid “butter” and less sugar, makes you gain way more weight than comparable amounts of Edy’s Swiss Orange sherbet, which also has extra Vitamin C.

You’re welcome — I’m here to serve.

My sister sent me this…


Dang it. I just realized this entry will be one more rabbit reference for people to come to my site for. Alas, most of my references to rabbits are to dead ones and to the animals that have killed them (mine).

OK, well I envisioned today doing leisurely reading, not counting up how many people got to my site looking for rabbit-related entries, but if not on easter then when, right?

These are the tallies just since mid-July — ~175 and counting. Entries in red are searches that are either alarming, were viewed many times, have typos-that-make-me-wonder-what-this-world-is-coming-to, or are just funny.

You’ll also notice a preponderance of searches for dead rabbits.

People are strange <says the woman who just spent >1 hour pulling this out of a text file, importing into Excel, totaling up, highlighting the oddities in red.>

Yeah, they’re weird — I’m not.

+baby rabbit +abuse  
a dead rabbit in the air 2
A rabbit and a vole together 3
baby rabbit 14
Baby rabbit and bunny 2
baby rabbit and cat  
baby rabbits 17
baby rabbits progress 2
baby-rabbit dead  
backyard rabbit removal  
beagle grabbed baby bunny  
biggest rabbit 33
biggest rabbit in the world 4
bunny dead  
bunny dead car 2
bunny eating from bird feeder  
bunny house  
bunny pics(small) 2
bunny rabbit out of keyboard keys
bunny reading 2
bunny tatoo  
bunny wabbit 2
cat caught rabbit  
catch bunny cat  
cute cat and rabbit 2
dead baby bunnies  
dead bloody bunnies 2
dead bunnies 4
dead bunny 20
Dead bunnys 3
dead rabbit 5
dead rabbit photo  
dead rabbits 2
dead rabbits backyard  
dead rabbits pictures  
disgusting bunny  
fat bunny rabbit 3
fat rabbit  
Funny baby rabbits  
girl bunny in a garden  
girl holding bunny  
holding a pet bunny  
holding a rabbit 4
holding bunny  
holding rabbit 5
how do you know if a baby rabbit is dead 2
images of baby rabbits  
is my baby rabbit dead  
mall bunny photos 2
people holding rabbits  
rabbit babies  
rabbit beagle 5 <I just want to know if they meant “rabid.”>
rabbit caption  
rabbit cats 2
rabbit claws  
rabbit dead  
rabbit eats dead baby 2
rabbit holding  
rabbit House  
rabbit only 2
rabbit sleeping house  
rabbit small 4
rabbit storys 2
rabbit tatoo 2
really small rabbit  
small baby rabbits 2
small bunny 10
small bunnys that stay small  
small pet bunny rabbits  
small rabbit 9
small rabbit cute  
small rabbits professional photos  
tatoo bunny picture  
the biggest bunny in the world 3
the biggest rabbit 2
the biggest rabbit ever!  
upset baby rabbit  
very small baby bunnies  
why cant my dog smell a rabbit  

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