or maybe the apricot one

Sure there’s the $15 Walgreens’ version, and this one costs a little lot more but I want the original product because of its name.slnk


Mine is brown.

I have avoided malls for the last several years (but ESPECIALLY at Christmas) by getting things online or buying at small local stores, Target being THE MAJOR exception.

“Shop” is not a verb to me, it’s a noun. I don’t shop—I go TO the shop. If I have to go to a store, I know where I’m going and what I’m getting. I get the hell in and get the hell out—no effing around.

At the end of December my uncle is getting married and I am sick of my wedding/funeral dress.

And I have this pair of shoes I love (did you know I am a recovering shoe whor*?), but I’ve only worn them once, to my sister’s wedding 2 years ago.

They’re too dressy for work and I don’t get out very much, so I haven’t worn them since Em’s wedding. Since my uncle’s wedding is a great reason (i.e.-the only reason I have) to wear them, I decided to find a new outfit to match them.

Well, I don’t know what the hell is up with me but I have made a few trips to department stores this week and bought:

  • 3 bras (technically 4 but I’m returning 1) Brett, I know you’ll comment on that.
  • 3 “shirts to work out in” <she says, sitting on her a** on gym night>
  • 1 cotton taupe hoody & pants to work out in <see above>
  • 1 “it’s just so cute and on sale and I must have it even though it’s basically the same as the previous outfit only the taupe is just a little darker and these are made of fuzzy warm velour” hoody & pants.
  • 1 sweater that actually will be used and useful and was on major sale.
  • And the coup de gras: aI’ll wear this once a year at the most but when I need it I’ll really need it, I can rationalize it because I’ve had my old trench coat for ~20 years and I’m sick of it dammit, the price is reduced about 65%, it goes great with my ‘wedding shoes,‘ I love and must have it at any price  brown dress coat <pictured>.

I might have to sleep in it to reduce the cost-per-wearing, and I need more brown like I need more weight, but there was just no question it was going home with me. And why can’t I be like this in other areas of my life?!But wait! There’s more! (or less, depending how you look at it)! Not only did I get all of the above, but I also looked at >1 store and didn’t find any, uh-nightwear, robe, jeans, a “practical coat I can wear every day to work but that’s not as heavy as my winter coat” coat, or socks.

I did not even look for Christmas presents for others.

Oh! And I almost forget to mention: I haven’t found anything to wear to the flippin’ wedding yet!

Seriously, though—I hate shopping.

Mine is brown.

<addendum 12/13/07> So much for the “cool factor”—Wore new sweater to work and had co-worker point out there was a tag on it still…

-I have done 4 loads of laundry today, and am purposely “forgetting” to do the 5th. How is it possible for 1 person to have 4 loads of laundry, you ask? 3 things I can think of offhand: dog, procrastination, extras ‘accidentally’ left by a certain someone who I’m going to start charging pretty soon…

-Have not been eating nutritiously lately, although my orange sherbet with dark chocolate chunks does have extra vitamin C

-My mortgage payment is going down 75 cents a month next year! I know, pretty exciting huh? What am I going to do with that extra $9.00 next year?

-Lovin’ my new slippers <Today’s cheap thrillS>—They’re warm and only one has fallen off once.

-Don’t care who wins the Mizzou-Oklahoma football game

-It’s 4:30 pm, I’m getting into my pajamas in a minute, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

-Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and am getting a bit crabby about it all (I know—you couldn’t tell, could you?)


Or: things I learned so you don’t have to.

—The time to realize you’ve just thrown away your last formerly-prime-time-but-now-relegated-to-play clothes-bra-that-you-still-wear-yet-wonder-why-the-girls-droop-to-your-knees should be before you throw it away.

Otherwise, you are forced to wear one of the “good ones” for sweaty stuff like working out until you can get new ones and relegate the newly-old ones to “play clothes” status.

—The whole purpose you buy a backup hard drive is to do regular backups. One crucial component of a successful backup on your hard drive is to actually do the backups. That way, when your laptop crashes you have a (hello?!) backup to go back to. You don’t just buy it to get it/have it and then only do one backup in over 1 year. This is a lesson I didn’t have to personally learn, but which I learned through #3.

—If you don’t want your missing cat to come back you apparently have to move away. Otherwise, they seem to find their way back to you.

—Sometimes your dog “cries” (yes, mom, more anthropomorphizing, but at least I know the meaning of the word “anthropomorphizing” and the correct syntax. You should be happy about that even though I haven’t provided you any grandchildren other than my anthropomorphized animal.).

Anyway, before I got lost on that tangent (I know—hard to believe) I was going to say that dogs are like babies sometimes: they cry but you don’t know why. (Although this woman apparently does know why babies cry:

Hopefully these ‘lessons learned’ will help someone live a better life, avoid repeating my mistakes, etc. Or maybe nobody will even think of them because I will finally learn from your comments that I am the freak I’ve always feared becoming.


When I heard “the p-word” in a radio news story today it caught my attention.

(I discuss the p-word in

There is a way for us, peonic citizens of the world, to express digust to the government of Burma (renamed Myanmar) over its treatment of Buddhist monks, trying to quell free speech, its disregard of human rights, and the barbaric military regime.

This campaign is called “Panties for Peace.” Organizers are asking women to send in ‘lowerwear’ (my word) to a Burmese embassy near you. Seriously!

Per the AP story: “…the country’s superstitious generals, especially junta leader Gen. Than Shwe, also believe that contact with women’s underwear saps them of power.”

What better way to show your disapproval, get rid of old undies*, AND sap a brutal government’s power than sending them such women’s undies?! <link to story:

It’s beautiful!! It’s political AND it’s hilarious, two things that seldom are said together.

So women of the world, men who like to wear women’s clothes, and anyone who can find a pair of women’s underwear, send some to a Burmese embassy near you!

To facilitate this process, I am including the US embassy’s address: 

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar      2300 S Street NW, Washington D.C. – 20008

If enough people do it, the government will go down either under the weight of its superstition or the weight of the garments sent. They’ll get so many pairs that rooms will fill and they will have to touch them just to walk through, thus sapping their power.

If you actually do it, please leave me a comment. I’d like to know how many of us are changing the world, one undergarment at a time.

*Clean please—After all, it’ll be some hapless powerless underling who has to open the envelope.

because my handy blog feed roll thingy tells me how many times a day my blog is viewed. You can make a comment anonymously—I can’t tell THAT much from my handy blog feed roll thingy, just numbers.

For instance, I just refuse to believe that of all the people I know NOBODY else has ever coordinated their underwear with their shirt, either accidentally or intentionally. How could you not comment on that, if only to lie and tell me you haven’t?

 Come on out of the woodwork people—I know you’re out there.

“Accessories” is not the right word. What I really mean is, well, “underwear”– specifically the uh, bottom part of the set.

I’ve been noticing (when changing into my “play clothes” after work) that I tend to have coordinated the shirt I’ve just worn–and this may be TMI*–with my uh, lower underwear. ** For example, today I wore a blue shirt with blue lowerwear.

Perverts can keep quiet, but I would like to know if this unconscious-need-to-coordinate:

-is something you’ve noticed about yourself too

-is something you think is part of a subconscious longing to control

-is something everyone does it but nobody talks about, and I’m just figuring it out

-is something you’ve never even thought about it but now that I mention it, you DO do that

 Just curious…

*”Too Much Information,” for the non-cognoscenti         **I refuse to call them “panties” because I think that’s the most idiotic word. Not that I normally call them “lower underwear” either, but it’s what came to mind.