‘Nuff said

I finally made a New Year’s resolution.

I think I can keep it, but check with me in another few months. The success rate for New Year’s resolutions is apparently quite low. Here it is:

I will throw Q-tips into the trash can right away instead of just setting them on the sink.


or maybe the apricot one

Sure there’s the $15 Walgreens’ version, and this one costs a little lot more but I want the original product because of its name.slnk









…that I accidentally watched some golf today. I caught myself pretty quickly, though.

Hear on news which was on in the background, so I don’t have an attribution, but someone just said that Cheney had “served with fidelity.”

Well, just ’cause you’re “faithful” in your marriage¬†doesn’t mean you’re not pinching the admins. on the butts when they walk by…

When I searched for “So you want to start a dog park” (actual book name) on Amazon the second result I got back was “So You Want To Be A Woman: A Transse!uals’s Guide.”


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