Well, I haven’t sunk to Honey Boo Boo depths but well, I seem to have a reality show addiction thanks to Netflix. It started with What Not to Wear, continued with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and a collectibles pawn shop show, and now I’m on Long Island Medium (and I’m a convert-!). What the hell is wrong with me?? This is why I don’t have cable – I’d sit and watch HGTV makeover shows all day. That’s my sinful confession for the day…


I just remembered I forgot to remind you to set your clocks ahead 1 second:  Click here for info

Sorry I forgot until now. Hopefully it won’t ruin your evening plans or screw up the VCR timer.

Having had so much practice in fly swatting (background story here), I thought I’d do pretty well at the following sadistic exercise in humiliation game. Wro-awnng!

After 3 tries my score was still rated “sucky,” which of course makes me want to try it again.

I got this from my Great Aunt Ann and I don’t know if I should thank her or curse her, but I guess I shouldn’t swat the messenger…

Try it out: Fly swatter